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Blogging Chain- Extra Credit Challenge from Tom Hierck

I recently participated in a fun homework blogging challenge.  It was an interesting way to learn more about some of my favorite Twitter friends. One of the homework rules was that you could not invite anyone that what previously invited to respond to your homework request. Tom Hierck, a wonderful author/speaker and obvious rule breaker, 'tagged ' me and challenged me to respond for extra credit.  If you read my first blog post, you know that I'm a risk taker ;) Ha! I've accepted the challenge and I'm happy to respond.

Tom's questions:

What was your favorite TV show as a child? I loved I Dream of Jeannie. The thought of blinking and making things happen was fascinating. What cartoon character do you most identify with? Wonder Woman, of course. On a serious note, I'm ambitious and I want to do it all. I'm learning patience. I don't HAVE TO be Wonder Woman (all the time).What ability would you like to have that you don't currently possess? The abil…